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The Bradford Woods Community Church, a religious institution dedicated to the service of God and humanity, has as its purpose, the furtherance and practice of Divine Law and Duty through:

  • The worship of God
  • The study and practice of the teachings of Jesus as revealed In the writings of the New Testament
  • The seeking of the truth from the Bible and other sources
  • The observance of the Golden Rule
  • The fostering of perfect liberty of thought and conscience
  • The preservation of the right of the individual to interpret the doctrines of religion in their own way with responsibility to only the Judge of all
  • The administration of such rights and sacraments as the individual members of the Church may desire; and the concurrent development of the religious, civic, social, educational and recreational life of the community

Purposing these things, we covenant with the Lord and one with another and do bind ourselves in the presence of God, to work together in all of God’s ways according as our God is revealed to each of us.

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